Bergh Packaging delivers high quality polyethylene and polypropylene plastic bags into a wide and diverse range of markets including wholesale nursery, agriculture, general packaging, stationery, mailing and clothing industries.

After approximately 30 years of expertise in the plastic bag manufacturing industry, we have steadily grown a positive reputation in the market place by delivering excellent quality, combined with a personalised service, on time and within budget.

Whether you need printed or plain bags, handled or glue strip bags, we can do it all!

Please have a look through our product category examples to see what we have done and are currently working on. Besides the standard stock nursery planting bags, we make to order given your specifications and dimensions.

As an owner-run business, Bergh Packaging prides itself on thirty years of successful operational experience, enabling the company to offer exceptional value to its customer base.

Bergh Packaging recycles all their production waste to ensure that no plastic waste ends up in the traditional waste stream.

We pride ourselves on our proven track record and have established a positive reputation for our quality & service within our market segments.

Personalised service.
Flexibility with faster lead times.
Print work management from artwork to final product.


A micron spread of 25 – 225. 
Food and textile approved.
Nursery bags & compost bags.
Punch holes.
Printed or plain. 
Glue strip bags.


A micron spread of 30-70.
Handle bags.
Glue strip – either permanent or reseal able.
Food and textile approved. 
Punch holes. 
Printed or plain.



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