Polyprop. bags are bags made from the synthetic plastic polymer polypropylene, a frequently used material in consumer goods and some industrial applications. Polypropylene is a good material for bags because it is strong but also has a low density which makes it lightweight. It is flexible and has high resistance to fatigue and structural damage that can be caused due to repeated forces, or loads, applied to the bag. Polyprop. is also popular because of its visual qualities. Because it can be made transparent, it is useful for bags that are meant to have their contents visible. It can also easily be printed on. These bags are used for a variety of functions. Sealed, transparent polypropylene bags are often used to package food in order to make the food visible to potential buyers while retaining freshness. Other examples include glue strip clothing hanger bags, stationery bags, serviette bags and household product bags to name just a few. Below are a few examples of our work: